Thursday, August 6, 2020

The Hitchcock Project: List of All Episodes Reviewed to Date (annual update-2020)

by Jack Seabrook

An introduction to The Hitchcock Project may be found here. The episodes that have been reviewed so far are listed below. Click on any episode name to jump to the post.


"The Creeper"

2.39-The Dangerous People

"Alibi Me"

4.36-Invitation to an Accident

"And the Desert Shall Blossom"

"The Greatest Monster of Them All"

7.1-The Hatbox
7.9-I Spy
7.14-Bad Actor
7.20-The Test
7.37-The Big Kick
7.38-Where Beauty Lies

"Where Beauty Lies"

S.1-The Sorcerer’s Apprentice (shown only in syndication)

"The Sorcerer's Apprentice"



"The Evil of Adelaide Winters"

10.29-Off Season

"Return of Verge Likens"



Walker Martin said...

This is an amazing achievement, Jack. I hope one day to see the entire project published in a book.

Jack Seabrook said...

Thanks very much for your support, Walker! said...

I was thrilled to discover your articles and commentary. As often happens with the internet, one finds a treasure trove of information if one digs deeply enough. I discovered your website and bare bones e zine( have no idea how to pronounce or what it means) and I was like a kid in a candy shop.

Some background on me, I started reading mysteries in high school and was intrigued by the rules and principles that has developed over the years. I wrote a term paper comparing Sherlock and Poirot. And several years ago I participated in TCM’s Hitchcock online course. I think the Hitchcock Project was mentioned. I even obtained cds of his films from the 2Os.

Although I’ve watched many of Hitchcock Presents on Amazon, I often had questions about the plot and the endings. We are left to speculate about true endings. Sometimes I felt stupid. So I started reading synopses of the shows to understand the endings.

That’s why I love your articles. You explain the plot, the background, the source material, and motivations and so much more. I am finally satisfied. I’m sad that I discovered your website so late. I think there are only about 7 episodes left in the series. I hope they rewind the series so I can see the earliest programs and read your commentaries.

You are an excellent writer. Patient and thorough in your analysis. I hope you keep studying Hitchcock. I will look forward to reading more.

Jack Seabrook said...

Thank you very much! I’m glad you enjoy the posts.

Anonymous said...

They are rerolling the half hour shows. HURRAH.