Saturday, May 27, 2017

The Caroline Munro Archive: The Horns of Truth by T.B. Morris

by John Scoleri

I'm back again with yet another rarity from my Caroline Munro collection, a continuing series here on bare•bones.

In a prior installment I showcased Caroline's appearance on the cover to James Hadley Chase's novel believe this... you'll believe anything, published by Robert Hale & Company in London in 1975.

This time out, we look at her appearance on The Horns of Truth by T.B. Morris, also published by Robert Hale & Company in London, this one from 1972.

From the inside jacket flap:
Torr Melkarth, seducer and possible murderer of the young girl, Ismene Pandouros, returns to Crete after years of absence to face her father, Manoli, once his friend and now unwillingly set against him in a blood feud. Theo Bruce, once assistant to archaeologist Simon Melkarth and lover of his daughter, Ariadne, who had left the island at the time of Torr's escape from justice, learns of Torr's purpose and — himself under a compulsion of conscience — goes ahead of Torr to warn Ariadne. Theo finds a fresh entanglement with Ariadne's younger sister, Freda, and increasing tension in the Melkarth household where Simon and Ariadne also have bitter secrets from the past. 
Conflicts of love and hatred lead to further tragedies and deaths in an island of passion on a night of storm. The principals and the earthly villagers who may be seen as a chorus, become involved in a labyrinth of spiritual and physical stress which has the underlying shadows of the myth of Ariadne, Theseus and the Minotaur.

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