Saturday, April 9, 2016

The Caroline Munro Archive: believe this... you'll believe anything

by John Scoleri

I'm back again with yet another rarity from my Caroline Munro collection, a continuing series here on bare•bones.

In a prior installment I showcased a UK paperback novel on which Caroline appeared. This time out, she's featured on the dust jacket for James Hadley Chase's novel believe this... you'll believe anything, published by Robert Hale & Company in London in 1975.

From the inside jacket flap:
Out of the past comes a woman Clay Burden had loved and idolized. Believing she was lost to him, he has married. He finds she too has married. To him the situation presents no problem: a double divorce and the problem is solved. It doesn't work out like that. There are many complications which include hypnotism and murder.

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