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The Caroline Munro Archive: Personas, October 15, 1973

by John Scoleri

Welcome to the latest installment of this semi-regular feature on bare•bones in which I share rarities from my Caroline Munro collection. This time out we look at an early appearance in the Spanish magazine Personas, promoting what was to be an appearance in the Richard Burton film The Voyage. It looks like Caroline ultimately did not appear in the film, although that is solely based on her and the film's credits as listed on IMDB. I think I'll have to seek out a copy to see if she appears in an uncredited cameo.

Number 39
October 15, 1973

Caroline Munro: A Voyage with Richard Burton (Translated from Spanish - original article below)

Caroline Munro, twenty-two, has married the American singer Judd Hamilton in Las Vegas, who she met on the film in A Talent for Loving in Spain.

"Oh! If I remember correctly, during the filming of A Talent for Loving, I fell off of a horse. However, in spite of several fractured bones, I finished the role as best as I could."

Other films in which Caroline had occasion to shine, both her artistic talent and anatomical merits. Those films include Dr. Phibes Rises Again, The Abominable Dr. Phibes, and The Golden Voyage of Sinbad.

"I am very excited about my latest film, The Trip (El Viaje, aka The Voyage), that is being filmed now with Richard Burton. The director is Vittorio de Sica, who discovered me through my appearance on the cover of an Italian magazine."

Caroline has every reason to be excited. Vittorio de Sica and Richard Burton are two names capable of making a star out of a totally unknown actress, although this is not exactly the case of this beautiful Scottish woman.

"No, I do not know Richard Burton personally, but I admire him a lot as an actor and I hope he's a good film-mate."

Caroline has an apartment in London for her continuous trips to Europe, and has now rented a farm in Italy where she will reside during the making of her next film.

Carolyn (sic) Munro, un "Viaje" con Richard Burton

Carolyn (sic) Munro, de veintidós años, se ha casado con el cantante americano Judd Hamilton en Las Vegas y ha rodado su primera película en España.

—¡Oh!, si me acuerdo perfectamente. Se llamaba <<A Talent for Loving>> y en una escena un poco violenta me caí del caballo. No obstante, a pesar de varias fracturas de huesos, acabé el rodaje como pude.

Después vinieron otras películas, en las que Carolyn (sic) tenía ocasión de lucir, a partes iguales, su talento artístico y sus méritos anatómicos. Entre estos títulos figuran <<Dr. Phibes Rises Again>>, <<Abominable>>, y <<Sinbad’s Golden Voyage>>.

—Estoy muy ilusionada con mi película, <<The Trip>> (El Viaje), que se está rodando ahora con Richard Burton. El director es Vittorio de Sica, que me descubrió a través de la portada de una revista italiana.

Carolyn (sic) tiene toda la razón del mundo para sentirse ilusionada. Vittorio de Sica y Richard Burton son dos nombres capaces de consagrar a una actriz totalmente desconocida, aunque éste no es exactamente el case de la bella escocesa.

—No, personalmente no conozco a Richard Burton, pero le admiro mucho como actor y espero que sea un agradable compañero de rodaje.

Carolyn (sic), tiene un apartamento en Londres para sus continuous desplazamientos a Europa y ahora ha alquilado une finca en Italia donde residirá durante el rodaje de la próxima película.

Check back regularly for more rarities from the Caroline Munro Archive!

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