Saturday, March 18, 2017

The Caroline Munro Archive: Ace, September 1970

by John Scoleri

Welcome to the latest installment of this semi-regular feature on bare•bones in which I share rarities from my Caroline Munro collection. This time out I'm pleased to offer up a very rare article that appeared in Ace: The Magazine For Men of Distinction. This recent acquisition was the first time I had seen any of these photos, and this may very well be their first appearance online.

Vol. 12 No. 6
September, 1970 

Chastity Belts May Put An End To The Women's Liberation Movement

A Medieval Novelty is Getting A 20th Century Revival
Or—how are you going to stay in business once the door is locked?

Chastity belts, like women used to wear in the 17th century, are getting some sort of fashion revival in England (where the women's lib movement hasn't reached the same frenetic peaks as in the U.S.A.).

Shown on these pages are photos of British actress Carolyn Monro (sic), modeling this modern knock-off of female restraint. And not too incidentally, this check on a woman's freedom was designed by a woman. There must be a moral in that somewhere. The designer, Mrs. Anne Huguessen, an antique shop owner (now that ought to tell you something), claims that she's sold over 1,200 chastity belts.

Now, there's no predicting how far this fad will go. One would think that a free-loving, free-spirited chick isn't going to take being locked in-laying down. Although, after having taken a good hard look at some of the birds in the women's lib. movement, the belt may not be a bad idea—not for their protection, but for the guys'.


But as for you Carolyn (sic), tell us it isn't so!

According to Carolyn's (sic) enterprising publicity men, it is said she likes wearing this uncomfortable device. It is claimed she has given the key to her fiance, who lives in New York. But somewhere, we are told, on reliable authority, there's a duplicate key. 

As you can seen, the belt can be worn stylishly, simply, for fashion or out of necessity (?)

It's difficult to believe the whole idea isn't just a put-on—no pun intended! The idea of anyone taking seriously the idea that Carolyn (sic), or any reasonable substitute, would find her freedom behind a lock and key is totally ridiculous. 

Anyway, there are no bad side effects, and no sign reading that 'Chastity belts may be dangerous to your health.' But, is that living!!!

Stay tuned for more rarities from my Caroline Munro Archive!


AndyDecker said...

I always thought there couldn't be bad photos of Ms Munro. I was wrong :-)

Jack Seabrook said...

Andy, I had the same reaction.