Saturday, April 2, 2016

The Caroline Munro Archive: Hot Hits 11

by John Scoleri

I'm back again with yet another rarity from my Caroline Munro collection, a continuing series here on bare•bones.

Several times in her early modeling career, Caroline would wind up on the cover of a music compilation album. This one is for Hot Hits 11 on the MFP (Music For Pleasure) label for EMI. 

We're treated to three photos of the lovely Ms. Munro here, preparing for a little archery practice and ultimately (of course) getting a bullseye.

Boots by Anello and Davide
Archery Equipment by Lillywhites of Piccadilly, London
Photos by Jack Wood & Terry Beard, Sleeve Design by Terry Beard

1 comment:

Grant said...

That's definitely something to look for. When it comes to models on the covers of music collections, I'm still trying to replace my copy of a similar LP with Anitra Ford!