Friday, December 24, 2010

Happy Holidays!

We would like to wish all of our readers a wonderful holiday and Happy New Year! We have plenty more in store for bare•bones in 2011, and don't forget that on 1/1/11 we begin our daily look at The Outer Limits on our sister site, We Are Controlling Transmission

Peter and John


Jocko said...

Merry Christmas Peter and John!

I haven't forgotten and I can't wait for The Outer Limits blog to start reviews. Peter, thanks for the horror anthology recommendations from an earlier post you made. I meant to thank you before, but I've been busy with work and the holidays.

One of the gifts I got today from my father is a Gold Medal original copy of "The Brute in Brass," by Harry Whittington. I'm surprised myself that I have never read the novel before given my line of work. If it's half as good as "The Killer Inside Me," I'll be satisfied.

I'm off to work the Paddy Wagon today for the holiday. Sucks that I have to work but it beats watching "Silent Night, Deadly Night," on my 12 inch black and white television while eating hot pockets like I did last year. Anyway, take care fellas, keep up the good work that you do!!!!!

Jack Seabrook said...

This cover brings back a lot of memories. How many DC covers had the person about to go around the corner and find something awful? This must have been a running cover theme in the early 70s. The stories inside rarely lived up to these covers!

Peter Enfantino said...

I've a great fondness for the DC "mystery" (read horror) line. There were a lot of great stores pubbed in House of Mystery in the early 70s. A piece on DC is forthcoming from a correspondent.

Jocko said...


I enjoyed the article you wrote regarding Frederic Brown, believe it or not, my order from just came in today for "Night of the Jabberwock," which I've been looking forward to reading for the first time. Authors like him should never be forgotten.

Jack Seabrook said...

Thanks! I'm working on another one, this time about Knock 3-1-2.