Thursday, August 5, 2021

The Hitchcock Project: List of All Episodes Reviewed to Date (annual update-2021)

by Jack Seabrook

An introduction to The Hitchcock Project may be found here. The episodes that have been reviewed so far are listed below. Click on any episode name to jump to the post.

1.4-Don't Come Back Alive
1.5-Into Thin Air
1.8-Our Cook's a Treasure
1.9-The Long Shot
1.10-The Case of Mr. Pelham
1.11-Guilty Witness

"A Bullet for Baldwin"

"A Bottle of Wine"

"Lamb to the Slaughter"

4.3-The Jokester

"Out There--Darkness"

"Specialty of the House"
6.4-The Contest for Aaron Gold
6.5-The Five-Forty-Eight
6.6-Pen Pal
6.8-O Youth and Beauty!
6.9-The Money
6.11-The Man With Two Faces
6.14-The Changing Heart

"The Five Forty-Eight"

"Bad Actor"

"The Thirty-First of February"

9.1-A Home Away From Home
9.5-Blood Bargain
9.7-Starring the Defense

"Water's Edge"


Peter Enfantino said...

Very impressive, Jack!

Jack Seabrook said...

Thanks! I couldn't do it without you!

Grant said...

I've enjoyed the whole thing.

Jack Seabrook said...

Thanks for reading and for leaving comments! We really enjoy them.