Thursday, July 14, 2016

The Hitchcock Project-Links to all Episodes Reviewed to Date

by Jack Seabrook

An introduction to The Hitchcock Project may be found here. The episodes that have been review so far are listed below. Click on any episode name to jump to the post.

1.4-Don't Come Back Alive

1.15-The Big Switch
1.20-And So Died Riabouchinska
1.23-Back for Christmas
1.27-Help Wanted

And So Died Riabouchinska

2.1-Wet Saturday

2.3-De Mortuis
2.31-The Night the World Ended
2.39-The Dangerous People

The Dangerous People

3.1-The Glass Eye

3.2-Mail Order Prophet
3.23-The Right Kind of House
3.28-Lamb to the Slaughter
3.29-Fatal Figures
3.33-Post Mortem
3.35-Dip in the Pool

The Glass Eye

4.6-Design for Loving
4.12-Mrs. Herman and Mrs. Fenimore
4.14-The Morning After
4.22-The Right Price
4.32-Human Interest Story
4.34-A True Account
4.36-Invitation to an Accident


5.6-Anniversary Gift

5.10-Special Delivery
5.15-Man From the South
5.17-The Cure
5.26-Mother, May I Go Out To Swim?
5.27-The Cuckoo Clock
5.28-Forty Detectives Later
5.32-One Grave Too Many
5.33-Party Line

Man From the South

6.14-The Changing Heart
6.18-The Greatest Monster of Them All
6.19-The Landlady
6.31-The Gloating Place
6.34-Servant Problem
6.35-Coming Home

The Gloating Place

7.1-The Hatbox

7.4-Cop for a Day
7.5-Keep Me Company
7.9-I Spy
7.11-The Right Kind of Medicine
7.14-Bad Actor
7.16-The Case of M.J.H.
7.17-The Faith of Aaron Menefee
7.20-The Test
7.21-Burglar Proof
7.25-The Last Remains
7.37-The Big Kick

The Opportunity

S.1-The Sorcerer’s Apprentice (shown only in syndication)

The Sorcerer's Apprentice

8.4-I Saw the Whole Thing

8.6-Final Vow
8.8-House Guest
8.9-The Black Curtain
8.16-What Really Happened


9.1-A Home Away From Home

9.5-Blood Bargain
9.7-Starring the Defense
9.13-The Magic Shop
9.17-The Jar
9.22-Behind the Locked Door
9.27-The Sign of Satan
9.28-Who Needs An Enemy?
9.30-The Second Verdict

The Jar

10.3-Water’s Edge

10.4-The Life Work of Juan Diaz
10.14-Final Performance
10.27-The Second Wife
10.29-Off Season

Water's Edge

Next week: Our series on Bryce Walton begins with "Touché," starring Paul Douglas and Hugh Marlowe!


Todd Mason said...

That is a good chunk of the series! Going to finish them off and do something on paper or ebooked with it?

Jack Seabrook said...

That's the goal but it'll take another 10 years at one every 2 weeks. I'm 1/3 of the way through the series. Thanks for reading!

SteveHL said...

I'm very late in responding to this. As I have said, I enjoy every one of your Hitchcock posts and I appreciate having this summation of your posts to date. I'm looking forward to the Bryce Walton posts.

Jack Seabrook said...

Thanks! I appreciate your support.