Saturday, July 23, 2016

The Caroline Munro Archive: Hamilton & Munro - Come Softly To Me

by John Scoleri


I'm back with another artifact from my Caroline Munro archive; a continuing series on bare•bones. You can check out the previous installments here.

This time out, I wanted to showcase another piece of Caroline related vinyl, and this time she's not just gracing the cover.

This 45rpm single on the King Kong label is a collaboration between Caroline and her then husband Judd Hamilton from 1975 (with a great picture of the pair on the picture sleeve). The featured single is "Come Softly To Me" b/w "Sad Old Song."

For those who are curious, Caroline has a breathy, Olivia Newton John-like voice on both tracks.

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Anonymous said...

Nice! But i dont found on youtube! :(