Friday, January 3, 2020

Now shipping! The Best of The Scream Factory Trade Paperback

Following the sold-out on publication release of The Best of The Scream Factory last year from Cemetery Dance, Cimarron Street Books is pleased to announce a new, 590-page trade paperback edition The Best of The Scream Factory! Here are the contents of this huge 8.5" x 11" tome:
Table of Contents:

Issue #6
"People Who Love Life" by Douglas Clegg

Issue #7
How We Saw It: The Scream Factory Editors Pick Their Top Ten
The Top Ten Horror Titles of the 1980s, based on a poll of 100 Writers & Editors

Issue #8
Things That Go Boom! in the Night: A Look at Giant Monster Novels
by William Schoell
Natural Horrors and Killer Critters by Randall Larson
Godzilla Viewing Guide by John Scoleri

Issue #9
The Esoteric Order of Dagon by Ben Indick
The Horror Pulpit column by Stefan Dziemianowicz

Issue #10
The Worst Horror Novels in the World by Don D'Ammassa
Curse of the Fanthorpes by Mike Ashley
A Comprehensive Look at The Frankenstein Horror Series by Peter Enfantino
How Bad are Lovecraft's Revisions? by S.T. Joshi
A Partial Guide for Horror Movie Fans Who Have Way Too Much Free Time
by Gary Braunbeck
The Horror Pulpit column by Stefan Dziemianowicz

Issue #11
Gold Medal Days by Ed Gorman
Jim Thompson: The Killer Inside Him by Max Allan Collins
The Horror Pulpit column by Stefan Dziemianowicz
Precursors of Psycho: The Early Crime Novels of Robert Bloch by Randall Larson
Serial Killers: The Fathers and Sons of Hannibal Lecter by Dale Walker
Deja's Domicile of Dread column by Thomas Deja
A Mythos Theogeny by Robert M. Price

Night of the Living Dead Special
Night Eternal by Douglas E. Winter
Nights, Dawns, and a Day That Might Have Been by John Scoleri
Zombies and Other Obsolete Creatures: An Overview of Zombie Novels
by Don D'Ammassa
Working Class Stiffs: A Survey of Zombie Short Fiction by Robert Morrish
Simon Garth, Jericho Drumm, and The Shambling Deaders:
Do Comics Really Give a Fair Portrayal of Rotting Folk? by Peter Enfantino

Issue #12
The Overlook Library column by Don D'Ammassa
Still Cutting It? A Review of the First Two-and-a-Half Years of the Dell Abyss Line
by John Brower
Things That Go Bump on the Air: Part 1 of a 6-Part Series on the Radio Horror Genre
by Shawn Danowski
The Sound of Horror, Part 1: A Capsule Survey of Music in the Horror Film
by Randall Larson
The Art of Darkness column by Rodger Gerberding

Issue #13
Fantasy, Horror...and Sex: The Early Stories of C.L. Moore by Everett Bleiler
Horror in Science Fiction Novels Through 1960 by Brian Stableford
They's Comin'! They's Comin'! The Aliens is Comin'! by Ed Gorman
The Dark Side of Light: A Survey of Horror in SF Anthologies From Poe to King
by Mike Ashley
Inside, Outside: Horror in SF Novels 1960 to the Present by Rob Latham
What the Hell Ever Happened To...? column by Robert Morrish

Issue #14
Half-Breeds: Western/Horror Hybrids by Bill Crider
Mummy Motifs: An Overview of Contemporary Mummy Novels by W.D. Gagliani
Eau de Nile: Oh Denial! Deconstructing, or at Least Unraveling, Mummy Short Fiction
by Ken Houghton
The Mummy Walks: A Film History of Kharis and his Kind by Lawrence McCallum
Once is Not Enough: A Look at Series in Horror Fiction column by Derek Hill
Deja's Domicile of Dread column by Thomas Deja

Issue #15
Shepherds of Shadow column by Mike Ashley
Lyncanthropic Literature: An Overview of the Best Modern Werewolf Novels
by John Brower
The Rest of the Pack: A Mini-Guide to Lesser-Known Werewolf Novels
by Don D'Ammassa
Four-Colored and Furry: A Brief, Selective Look at Werewolves in Comics
by Peter Enfantino
Derleth's Lament to Love by Sam Moskowitz

Issue #16
The Hunt for Australian Horror Fiction
by Bill Congreve, Sean McMullen & Steve Paulsen
Killer Koalas: An Overview of Austrlian and New Zealand Horror Films
by Robert Hood
Yeti Yarns, Sasquatch Stories by W.D. Gagliani
Abominable Creatures: The Sasquate and the Yeti Go to the Movies
by Lawrence McCallum
Return to Sauk City by Sam Moskowitz

Issue #17
Hidden Horrors column by William Schoell
Dark Awakenings: A Brief Survey of British Horror Fiction up to 1940
by Richard Dalby
In Transition: British Horror Fiction 1940-1959 by Mark Valentine
It's Alive: The Re-Birth of Horror Fiction in Britain, 1960-1979 by Mike Ashley
BritShock: British Horror Fiction, 1980-1995
by Chris Morgan, Pauline Morgan & Joel Lane
On the Fringe for Thirty Years: An Overview of British Small Press Horror
by David Sutton
Chamber of Horrors: British Horror Films, Before and After Hammer
by Kim Newman
"A Nervous Disposition": A Short History of Horror on British Television
by Mike Wathen

Issue #18
The Horror Pulpit column by Stefan Dziemianowicz
Blood on the Snow: A Survey of Canadian Horror Fiction
by Don Hutchison & Peter Halasz
Anne of Green Gables Has Risen From the Grave: An Overview of Canadian Horror Film
by Michael Rowe & Robert Thomson
Once is Not Enough: A Look at Series in Horror Fiction column by John Brower

Issue #19
Graham Ingels: The Artist Who Refused His Destiny by Don Vaughan
The Best of Warren by Peter Enfantino
Through the Comics Darkly: An Overview of DC Comics' Mystery Lines of the 1970s
by James G. Kingman
On the Trail of the Supernatural with Dr. Spektor by John Scoleri
The Alien Wore Boxer Shorts: Marvel's '70s Horror Anthologies by Don Vaughan
Here Came the Monsters: The '70s Marvel Monster Mags by Lou Mougin
Deja's Domicile of Dread column by Thomas Deja
Night Stalking with the Dark Knight: Batman and Horror by Sean Farrell
The Best of The Scream Factory is now available through Amazon at this link:

We hope you'll check it out, and consider leaving a review to let others know what you think! And remember, bare•bones is coming back with an all-new print zine this year!

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