Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Now shipping! The Best of bare•bones!

Following the release of The Best of The Scream Factory earlier this year from Cemetery Dance, Cimarron Street Books is pleased to announce a new, 240-page trade paperback collecting some of the best content from our print incarnation of bare•bones: bare•bones —the best of—, including:
  • Overviews of fiction series including: George Chesbro’s Mongo, Robert Lory’s Dracula, Richard Stark’s Parker, John Sanford’s Prey novels, Karl Edward Wagner’s Kane, and the Black novels of Cornell Woolrich!
  • Retrospectives on filmmakers Edward L. Cahn and Jerry Warren!
  • An overview of the Blind Dead films!
  • Ann-Margret movie tie-ins!
  • Annotated Indexes to Saturn Science Fiction and Web Detective Stories pulps!
  • A detailed overview of the Dark Shadows novels of Dan (Marilyn) Ross!
  • Commentary on Trevanian and Top Ten lists by David J. Schow!
  • A look back at the Trilogy of Terror Zuni!
  • Interviews with Bill Crider, Richard Prather, Robert Serling and Bay Area Creature Features horror host Bob Wilkins!

Featuring the following contributors:
  • David Allen Brown
  • Thomas Deja
  • Stefan Dziemianowicz
  • Peter Enfantino
  • Vince Fahey
  • W.D. Gagliani
  • Derek Hill
  • Lawrence McCallum
  • David J. Schow
  • John Scoleri
  • David H. Smith
Here's are some two-page spreads to show what you can expect to find inside:

bare•bones —the best of— is now available through Amazon at this link: https://tinyurl.com/BestofBareBones

We hope you'll check it out, and consider leaving a review to let others know what you think! And this is just the beginning. Next year, bare•bones is coming back with an all-new print zine!

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andydecker said...

I ordered one. Great collection, worth every cent. Can't remember when I had so many articles about writers I am interested in one place collected :-) Westlake, Woolrich, Wagner and Lory. All writers I have a lot or all novels from. Not to mention the Blind Dead too.

John Scoleri said...

Thanks for the support, Andy! We're hard at work on the new print zine right now, and hope you'll find more to enjoy in the new incarnation of bare•bones!