Saturday, July 7, 2018

The Caroline Munro Archive: Australasian Post - November 28, 1968

by John Scoleri

I'm back again with yet another rarity from my Caroline Munro collection, a continuing series here on bare•bones.

This time out is a brief magazine appearance in the Australasian Post in 1968.

Australasian Post
November 28, 1968
"A Tarzan's Mate"
Obviously the ideal mate for some cinematic Tarzan is out-of-doors girl, Caroline Munro, 19. Caroline, a real swinger, is now in Italy to make "Talent for Loving" with Richard Widmark. She first appeared briefly, in "Casino Royale"...

Keep an eye out for more Caroline Munro rarities here on bare•bones, and be sure to check out the prior entries in this series!


Jack Seabrook said...

Where in the world did you find this???

andydecker said...

Did "a real swinger" count for suggestive in 1968 in Australia? :)

Love your finds!

B Smith said...

Trust me, "real swinger" would have near pornographic in Australia in 1968.

But can I ask - Ms Munro is credited with a microscopic part in "Casino Royale" but it must have must nanoscopic, because I've looked hard and never spotted her....can anyone direct me to where I ought to be looking for her?