Saturday, April 8, 2017

The Caroline Munro Archive: Practical Photography, August 1974

by John Scoleri

Welcome to the latest installment of this semi-regular feature on bare•bones in which I share rarities from my Caroline Munro collection. This time out we look at her cover appearance on Practical Photography.

I only recently became aware that Caroline was regularly featured in UK photography magazines from the late 60s to early 80s, thanks to John Burke's blog. A quick search led me to this particular find, and I hope to add many more to my collection. If you're aware of any others, pleas post a comment below so I can add specific issues to my want list.

Practical Photography
August, 1974

If you think you have seen this month's cover girl before, you are probably right. She is Caroline Munro and the picture is from a series for the Lamb's Navy Rum calendar.

Stay tuned for more rarities from my Caroline Munro Archive!


John said...

Can't help you with your 'zine search, but this photo of Miss Munro is fantastic. A certain James Bond film, along with a what if? comes to mind....

Tebbs77 said...

One of the reasons she got the role of Naomi is because of the Lambs Navy Rum adverts and wearing a wetsuit with a knife strapped to her leg lent a touch of toughness to the character in the adverts. The biggest irony of The Spy Who Loved me is that her character is blown out of the Sky in a Helicopter by Bonds Lotus and the next thing the car is engaged in an underwater battle with Scuba Divers. She should have been the Scuba Diver piloting the Shark Hunter Wetsub.