Wednesday, June 15, 2016

The Caroline Munro Archive: The Mike Morton Congregation - NON STOP HITS Volume 6

by John Scoleri

I'm back again with yet another rarity from my Caroline Munro collection, a continuing series here on bare•bones.

Several times in her early modeling career, Caroline showed up on the cover of a music compilation album. I previously posted my copy of Hot Hits 11

In 1972, a lovely photo of Caroline appeared on the front cover of The Mike Morton Congregation album NON STOP HITS Volume 6 on the Aries Label (manufactured and distributed by RCA Limited).

And while the cover art is the only reason I can see buying this particular album, the description on the back almost has me interested in spinning the disc on the turntable:
Take a superb Group that is playing all the TOP HITS nightly and up-to-the-minute in form.

Put them in a studio with the latest technical equipment - and what do you get? The fantastic MIKE MORTON SOUND. Music so close to the original version that sometimes it is even better.

Listen to this and you will want to buy all Mike's exciting recordings, and there are many more to come.

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