Saturday, August 29, 2015

Trista & Holt: New Graphic Novel By Andrez Bergen

Way across the pond in Australia today (tomorrow? yesterday? well, August 29th, anyway), the kangaroos are jumping with excitement at the release of a new graphic novel by Andrez Bergen called Trista & Holt, volume one.

Very loosely based on the legend of Tristan & Isolde, this is a follow-up of sorts to Bergen's Bullet Gal in that the author again uses a collage of found art to tell a story of murder and mayhem in a noir-soaked, sleazy, neon-lit city of the 1970s.

When a man is blown to bits, Trista visits crime boss Queenie and suspicion falls on Holt. Did Holt's father orchestrate the hit? Murders pile up and a gang war may be in the offing between the Holt family and the Cornwall family. When Trista & Holt meet at a funeral, will sparks fly between the representatives of warring clans?

Trista & Holt has been appearing as a monthly comic book and this paperback collects the first five issues. The saga is planned to span 15 issues in all and is published by IF? Commix.

If you enjoyed Bullet Gal or any of Bergen's previous books, give Trista & Holt a try. Follow this link to order a paper copy for $10 or a digital copy for only $2!

--Jack Seabrook

According to the press release:

Here's a cool sample page!
The 126-page trade paperback edition, comprising issues 1 to 5 — previously published monthly as individual issues in 2015 via indie publisher IF? Commix in Melbourne, Australia.
A retelling of the classic legend of Tristan and Isolde, Trista & Holt reverses sexes and places our heroes in a hardboiled, phonto-montaged '70s pulp world.

Queenie rules with an iron fist, and when two of her best men are killed, it is up to her niece Trista to find out what happened.

Love, betrayal, guns, violence and an underlying thread of humor ensues, undercut by the odd pair of flares and a mirror ball or two.

''A riveting narrative... capturing the spirit of noir so perfectly it hurts.''

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