Saturday, March 30, 2013

The Caroline Munro Archive: The Devil's Brand, 1969

by John Scoleri

As I promised in the last installment of this semi-regular features on bare•bones, I'm back with the most recent acquisition to my Caroline Munro collection. 

After seeing the following ad in the June 1969 issue of Adam magazine with Caroline on the cover, I knew I had to seek out a copy of The Devil's Brand.

A quick search on Amazon turned up not only the edition pictured (Holloway House HH-170) but a second variation (BH-170)!

HH-170 is clearly the first edition, as it sports a nine-digit SBN (replaced by the ten-digit ISBN on the BH-170 printing. The copyright page doesn't specify a printing, but the text-only ads for other books are replaced in this edition with illustrated ads for similar books for the discerning reader.

The book itself is described as the first complete and unexpurgated edition of The Devil's Advocate, an erotic classic. Perhaps the 50 Shades of Grey of its day.

As I had imagined, the cover photo is once again courtesy of noted photographer Alan Houghton, who took many of the early photos of Caroline (and all of those that appeared in her November 1968 and June 1969 appearances in Adam magazine). Sadly, Houghton passed away a few years ago. I'd love to know if he still had the contact sheets from his early photo shoots with Caroline in his archives.

If you're interested in adding a copy to your collection, a few are available through Amazon sellers at a variety of prices.

This is not the only time Caroline Munro has graced the cover of a paperback novel. I look forward to sharing another example in my next installment of the Caroline Munro Archive!

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