Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The Caroline Munro Archive: Oui, April 1973

by John Scoleri

Welcome to the latest installment of another one of our semi-regular features on bare•bones, in which I feature rarities from my Caroline Munro collection. This time out I'm featuring a unique, albeit brief, interview with Caroline from Playboy's sister publication, Oui.

Vol. 2, No. 4
April, 1973
Page 18

New sex symbol discusses leeks

Does Caroline Munro have the power to cloud men's minds? Is it her unnerving habit of serving Scotch neat in a large wine glass? Her extreme height? Could it possibly be her boobs? Would you like at least one declarative sentence instead of all these questions? Hang in there.

A cheery, wholesome English lady gave birth to a girl 23 years ago in Brighton. She named her Caroline.

A happy, contented child, Caroline Munro ate all her porridge and grew up into a sex symbol. This was not widely known at the time. Barring a worldwide epidemic of glaucoma, it will be known sooner or later. Caroline married American pop singer Judd Hamilton at the age of 17 and became a fashion model. An American movie mogul, thumbing through a copy of British Vogue, eyeballed a picture of Caroline and fell right off the crapper.

"One inch equals one foot"

Caroline is now taking a breather (and you have never seen anyone breathe until you've seen Caroline Munro breathe) from her fifth film, Sinbad's Golden Voyage—a good old-fashioned hokey epic in which she co-stars with John Phillip Law, and gets her first screen kiss, such as it is, and is lowered into a cave populated chiefly by a randy, one-eyed centaur.

But when you are sitting in Caroline Munro's London flat on a Saturday night drinking Scotch neat out of a large wine glass, you are apt not to be concentrating on randy one-eyed centaurs, let alone John Phillip Law.

"No, I've never been nude in a film," Caroline was saying in response to a question. "I don't really think it's essential. I mean, you can get so much more—well, meaning out of a bikini or a little décolleté, if that's what they want. Don't you think my dog is intelligent? She can sing, you know. Not on key, really, but she could if she wanted to. She doesn't see much point in it. She'd rather be a journalist. Are we still on that nudity thing? I mean, we do need the press. A pity. I adore celery. Cooked or uncooked. I love it with cheese on it. You can't be all that bad if you write about celery. You can put cheese on leeks, too. That's the Welsh national dish. I'd give you a good recipe, but I'm getting on to you chaps now. I mean, I can see the headlines now: 'How Caroline Munro Does Leeks.'"

Caroline has a sense of humor.
—R.R. (Richard Roraback?)

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Jack Seabrook said...

One of the worst interviews I've ever read, but who cares? And who the heck is Judd Hamilton?