Sunday, September 12, 2010

Rising from the ashes of the ashes of the ashes... again.

Volume 1, Number 1
Just what the hell is this?
What we've got here is the new and vastly improved bare•bones e-zine. If you’re new to bare•bones, get ready for a lot of fun. If you’ve been with us since the ride began, you’ll know what to expect. You’ll be exposed to the minds of two very disturbed individuals.

You’ll gasp at silver age comics!
You’ll guffaw at bad monster movies!
You’ll see books you’ve never seen before (and may not want to see again)!
You'll long for the musty smell of vintage digests!
You’ll shake your heads and tsk tsk at the things we say!

bare•bones? I loved The Scream Factory, but never heard of bare•bones.
Volume 1, Number 2
When the doors finally closed on TSF, we felt liberated. But almost as quickly we had the itch to do something again. Our goal was to take the same approach and tone that we brought to The Scream Factory, but without the confines of any particular genre. That freedom allowed us to explore many areas of our personal interests (including horror), and based on the response we got, our readers seemed to like it, too. As much as we enjoyed it, even with a scaled down size (with one major exception, bare•bones was a xeroxed digest) it just wasn't feasible to continue producing a print magazine. By then distributors like Tower, who could keep the little guys alive, had dried up. So bare•bones went into hibernation until a few years back, when the original incarnation of the bare•bones e-zine was born.

Volume 1, Number 3/4
Where have you guys been for the last two  years?
Well, life intrudes in the “fun stuff” sometimes. John and I have both been very busy at work and play and the concept of finding the time to sit in front of our computers for a couple of hours a day, while attractive, was impossible. John has been busy publishing books (I must say the results so far have been astounding) and I divide my time between Arizona and London.

So why now?
John and I got the idea to watch A Thriller a Day and the response has been overwhelming. No one wants to put a lot of work into a project no one will see. That motivated us to re-boot bare•bones.

Volume 2, Number 1
Yeah, but how long will you stay re-booted?
Well, we've got a lot to say about a number of things, so the plan is, like the A Thriller A Day blog, to post updates daily. Can we guarantee that will always happen? Of course not, but we’ll do our best. Even we deserve time off for good behavior once and awhile. Your job is to leave feedback. If John and I decide we’re talking only to ourselves out here, we may have no choice but to pull the plug. It’s not an outrageous request. We do the hard work. You let us know if we’re doing okay (or not). Deal? Okay - we're gonna hold you to it. trust me, you don't want us knocking on your door in the middle of the night.

Volume 3 Number 1
What can I expect from this new venture?
Even though we took a couple years off from displaying our thoughts on the net, that doesn’t mean we took the time off from writing. I’ve got dozens of pieces stashed away here. Some have already seen the light of day but in some very obscure places. Those will be brought out now and then. As will some of the articles that ran in The Scream Factory and bare•bones years ago. Mostly you’re going to get new material. We’ve got several things planned already, one of which is an issue by issue behind-the-scenes look at The Scream Factory. You’ll also get reviews of films, books, toys, comics, magazines, both vintage and current — basically whatever has captured our fancy. For more examples, check out the handful of articles we posted on our test launch from 2008 by clicking on the blog archive to the right.

So tune in Monday. We think you’ll like what you see.

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